Chauncy Court

Chauncy Court is a Sheltered Housing Scheme in Hertford. It is a beautiful former school building with many of the original features still remaining. These include an amazing sweeping marble staircase and an old clock tower which has since been fully refurbished.

Delta were successful in tendering for the Warden Call and Door Entry upgrade. This included fitting additional speech units in common areas and a DECT telephone system. This presented the challenge of getting cables to the new locations without spoiling the look of the interior with surface cable and trunking etc. The Scheme Manager also asked if it would be possible to install the new control equipment in the basement instead of the office, where the previous equipment had been fitted.

There was no problem finding room in the basement as it forms part of a whole series of catacombs which run under most of Old Hertford. The challenge though was to get the cables and power through the solid ground floor and to the right part of the basement. Delta also had to replace the door entry panels, one of which had to be installed into the door surround on the old building. The original panel was huge so the whole wooden section from the door frame had to be replaced with a fresh piece of timber, which was matched using stain and varnish to the original wood.

All the residents and management were extremely pleased with the finished result. The Chief Executive of Home Group when visiting the scheme wanted to see the basement as he had heard about its history. When he saw the newly installed control equipment, he commented that the person who fitted it had obviously taken great pride in his work, as even though it was in a cellar where it would hardly be seen, it was fitted to a standard you would expect if on display in a communal area.