Ensure Your Telecare Solutions are Failsafe

Delta has recently launched the GSM line fail system. This is to overcome a common concern when a scheme is at risk if the dialler line fails when the Scheme Manager is off duty and the system is switched off-site.

The backup system comprises of a GSM unit which works like a mobile phone with a SIM card and enables connection to the call centre without the need for a BT line. This unit when used in conjunction with the line switching module detects a BT line fault and alerts the call centre. It also allows emergency calls to be routed through GSM until the BT line is restored.

This package can be installed on any Tynetec XT system. The GSM unit can also be used with any system as a manual backup.

Contact us on 01707 335331 to find our more about our special offer  for failsafing multiple schemes through this GSM unit.