GPS personal alarms

Ideal for people who spend time on their own away from home

Mindme GPS personal alarm

has a 24/7 Response Service which lets the wearer carry on with their life knowing that there is help available at a press of a button.  Ideal for anyone who spends time alone, or out and about at work or play.

Mindme Locate

is specially designed for people with dementia or with learning difficulties and also uses GPS to work out its location – accurate to around 10 metres – giving peace of mind for carers and independence for wearers.

Key features

  • Around the same size of a car key fob
  • Uses GPS to work out its location – accurate to around 10m
  • Uses a multi-network SIM – if a newtork s available then it remains connected
  • Sends its location to Mindme secure servers every 4 minutes
  • Two-way voice communication ensures the right help is available quickly (Mindme GPS Alarm only)
  • Battery lasts over 30 hours
  • Mindme’s 24/7 Response Centre is available to assist Carers in an emergency (Locate)
  • Ring fence location option available – the alarm will be tripped if the user moves outside pre-set locations.
  • Multi carrying options available – attach to a belt, keys or handbag, or worn as a pendant.  Leather pouch also available.
  • Can be used through the EC without additional subscription costs
  • Warning emails can be sent when battery is down to 10% capacity
  • ‘Drop’ in charging unit which makes charging easy.

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