Problems with your warden call system DECT reception?

It has become noticeable over the past few years that many of our customers are experiencing range and reception problems with their DECT mobile handsets. They have complained of calls dropping out mid conversation and ‘dead spots’ where previously they have had good coverage. This is often due to outside interference from wireless networks and other DECT systems which are becoming more and more commonplace.

In the past the only solutions would have been to expand the current system by adding repeaters if the system allowed or replacing with a high cost system requiring hard wired base units.

Delta Long Range DECT System

Delta now has a tried and tested low cost solution that in most cases will outperform a fully expanded DECT system using a single base. The main advantages being simplified installation, no drop out on repeater/base change over and less interference from external sources.

The external range is in excess of one kilometre from the base and the handsets are high quality robust units with caller ID, hands free loud speaker and call transfer to other handsets. Multiple handsets can act as intercoms and can operate independently of the base unit.

If you are experiencing range problems please contact us to arrange a free survey. Email us on or phone on 01438 317 293.