Telecare / Telehealth

With people living longer, care for the aged is becoming an ever more critical issue for government. The rapid development of telecare and telehealth solutions in recent times is a key enabler to people being able to live longer, more safely and confidently in a home environment. The Department of Health estimates that telecare could prevent 160,000 people annually from entering residential care with potential cost savings of £2 billion per year.

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The range of sensors available provides greater reassurance and protection of users by monitoring for a whole range of personal and environmental risks. There are many sensors to choose from to help residents with their safety and care. Here is a selection of just a few of the telecare and telehealth options available:

Personal risk protection Environmental risk protection
Personal Pendant Smoke Detector
Radio Ceiling Pullcord Switch Heat Detector
Fall Detector Gas Detector
Attack Pendant Carbon Monoxide Detector
Discrete Panic Button Combined Gas & CO Detector
Epilepsy Monitor Flood Detector
PIR Movement Detector
Door Contacts with Timeclock
Bed or Chair Occupancy Sensors

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