System upgrade

Upgrading systems on a like for like basis should in theory be a more straight forward installation when compared to a new build  However, this is only true if the wiring is compatible and the specification stays the same.

If the cable infrastructure can be tested and reused, the new equipment can be installed in place of the existing. PVC decor plates are fitted to eliminate the need for making good and redecoration. When the existing cable is not reusable the whole installation becomes more challenging as it is necessary to rewire,  yet keep visible cables and trunking to a minimum.

The other issue with upgrading is that when using the existing cable it becomes necessary to remove the old equipment before the new can be installed. This means that potentially the client could be left without cover which is not acceptable. This situation is addressed by configuring the new equipment and testing to the scheme manager and control centre, logging on radio pendants and/ or pull cords and issuing to all residents before the old system is powered down. This works well as it means that each dwelling is tested and commissioned as it is fitted, rather than one big test at the end that could result in time wasted trying to locate a fault.

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