New build

When installing a system in a new build scheme, it is critical to work in partnership with other contractors to get the work completed on time. To achieve this good project management along with effective communications is needed. All relevant parties must be aware of their responsibilities to each other, such as the interface required between the call system and the fire panel or an alarm unit being installed into the lift.

Delta is experienced in project managing the design and installation of warden call and telecare systems in new build environments. This involves a multistep approach:

  1. First fix. Delta usually has to pre wire the scheme. This needs to be completed before the plaster board walls and ceilings are fitted. On many occasions multiple site visits are required as different parts of the scheme become ready.
  2. Second fix. This is the point where the equipment is installed and tested
  3. The third stage is final commissioning and sign off. When the scheme is handed over , Delta once again returns to site to give full staff training on the new system. Further training and a telephone helpline is available when required.

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