What makes Delta different

There are 7 reasons why you should consider Delta Communications as a future partner for your telecare solutions:

  1. Specialised expertise: We concentrate on providing warden call and combined door entry systems and related services for the telecare market. That is why you can be confident our technical knowledge in this field is second to none and you have a trusted partner. This is what our clients have found.
  2. Most advanced systems on the market: Great functionality, high reliability, combined with ease of use for both residents and staff ensure the Tynetec technology provides the perfect solution for your telecare and telehealth needs.
  3. Personal and responsive service: “Your care. Our Commitment” .  This is the way we run our business. We offer a truly personal service and develop business relationships with our clients that are long lasting. You are not just a number. All our staff has the mindset to be available and to resolve issues quickly. You would expect nothing else when the life safety of your residents is at stake.
  4. No lock in: It is our policy to provide open protocol products. In this way you are not tied to a proprietary system and are free to choose your service provider based on how they perform.  This avoids you being locked into a costly service plan and minimises your lifecycle costs.
  5. Range of service options: You have a choice of service offerings including preventative maintenance and comprehensive repair contracts as well as pay as you go. These services are available round the clock 365 days a year, along with emergency response for business critical issues.
  6. Highest quality: The installation is fitted and finished to the highest standard so that it performs and looks in line with your expectations. Whether it is an upgrade, new build or renovation scheme, our structured project management approach ensures your project is completed on time and in line with your agreed specification.
  7. Best value for money: This unique combination of advanced systems from a specialist solution provider with a caring approach, along with our cost effective service plan, gives you the very best value for your investment. It is no surprise then that most of our business comes from repeat business and recommendation and that our telecare and telehealth solutions are installed in tens of thousands of individual residences.

If you would like to discuss any of our services, further please contact us on 01438 317293 or e-mail us at info@deltacommunications.co.uk