Willicombe Park Case Study

Willicombe Park is a very exclusive retirement village in Tunbridge Wells set in the grounds of a beautiful old house which has been tastefully converted into apartments and leisure areas . This includes an indoor swimming pool, a gym, restaurant and bar. There is also a more modern apartment block, grouped bungalows and two detached bungalows within the grounds.

Delta was successful in the bid to replace the Warden Call and Door Entry systems with the modern Tynetec XT system. The existing equipment was old and some of the cable network, much of which was underground, was damaged. This meant that during the course of the upgrade, some cable had to be replaced and all joints had to be re-crimped and put into water proof boxes.

Due to the size of the grounds and the spread out nature of the dwellings, achieving full DECT (mobile handset) was an important consideration  . The normal solution would be to use a hard wired DECT system but digging up the gardens to run underground cables or installing overheads was not an option in a development of this kind.  This is where the Tynetec system came into its own as it allows the calls to be routed to a standard mobile phone which became a back up for the DECT system.

The residents and staff were extremely happy with the finished installation and have found the new system easy to use and extremely reliable.